Renewable Energy

A premier manufacturing company of renewable energy systems in NEW YORK, SANGSTER GROUP LLC provides full and complete range of wind and solar energy systems. We make the complicated world of alternative energy a lot simpler for you.


Complete Solar energy

Hybrid solar energy system specially designed for homes and businesses. Available in 500 watt to 15000 watt model and comes maintenance free. Our company is here to walk you through the process of adding solar energy as your primary energy source.


Complete wind energy

Applicable for parks, businesses, homes or remote areas. Our hybrid wind energy systems are available in 300 watt to 30 KW model. Other size are designed to your specifications, conditions may apply. This product is manufactured by us and sold primarily through our subsidiary.


Water heater

Sangster Pressurized and Non-Pressurized water heater. Available in 120 liter to 320 liter. These products are design and manufactured by us and sold through our authorized dealers.