Advance Electrical Equipment 

Sangster Group LLC was Established 2008 In New York City. Gained reputation for their Elegant design, Unique, durable and exceptional quality product. Advance technology in our product matches our level of experience and that is exactly what customers have come to know and expect. Whether using our product for the first time on a new construction project or wiring a home for a solar or wind energy system, ®Sangster product are designed to perform in any application.

With electricians in all States growing to depend on ®Sangster product brand and technology on their various project, we ensure reliability, efficiency and precision. We invest in the technology needed to deliver the highest quality in product. We make it our point to assess every equipment we manufacture, using our unique quality assurance plan and strategy to get the job done. We don't skimp on resources or on technology, as that is what sets ®Sangster apart.


Usa, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdon, Switzerland, Netherland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, China, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Australia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and wider Caribbean.